Why you might need M/V

Typically the companies that we work with tell us something like:

  • we’re growing – but we’re anxious that growth isn’t happening as quickly as we’d like, or
  • we do great work – but we struggle to stand out, or
  • we deliver outstanding value – but we’re frustrated to be fighting on price, or
  • we’re doing well – but it’s hard to keep on top of everything

At the root of these problems is often a desire to:

  • secure more, regular, customers, or
  • make more profits from sales, or
  • improve margins, or
  • feel good about the business

It’s very natural for any growing business to hit plateaus where those products & processes that worked in the past become less effective in creating future growth. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to identify and address these problems from inside the business.

At times like these you need a critical friend who can ask you the right questions to help stimulate your thinking and to gain insight. And a creative partner who can work with you to get the right answers.

If that is what you are looking for, please get in touch.