About Us

It’s all about trust

Our passion is to use our skills and experience to create tools enabling others to solve their problems.

We love working with people that share our values and want to create a great place for this.

It is our belief that the relationship between ourselves and our clients must be a partnership and that a true partnership can only be built on mutual trust. This is why we choose strategies, processes, and tools that support transparency and communication.

Here are some examples of problems we have helped clients with in the past.

The balance between product & service feels wrong

Many organisations are very good at providing a service and decide to try to “productize” it. This requires a significant paradigm shift and a kind of discipline that can make all the difference between success and failure.

Product fails to meeting the goals of the business

It is often difficult to communicate business goals in terms of how they should influence a product, products are discussed in terms of “features” and not how they impact the work of individuals in achieving goals for the business.

No methodology for how products are designed, specified, built, launched, and managed

Having a clear process in place is a key to building an effective and valuable product: from the definition of a features rodamap to clear and updated documentation, from code versioning to quality reviews, from clear software architecture to automated releases.

Technology expertise does not translate into business advantage

Without understanding business goals it can be difficult for technology people to generate insight for the business that can lead to new opportunities and instead they operate at too low-level

Product does not deliver the right value to customers

The roadmap should be driven by a clear vision of how features delivered impact on business goals and/or the sales pipeline.

Difficulties building and managing teams/working remotely

Finding and managing the right kind of developers, team leaders, product managers, etc. constitutes the most important and challenging aspects of creating a successful enterprise.

Poor user experience

Thinking that user experience is “making it look pretty” or something that can “bolted on afterward” rather than the essential heart of the product

Inability to say “no”

Succesful design is very often a matter of picking a very small set of features and focusing all resources on them. Saying no requires a strategy for deciding what is most important to achieve your goals.

An unmaintainable product

A product that has grown “organically” can be very difficult or expensive to maintain or enhance.