January Links

January Links

A few bits and pieces that captured our attention in the last few days.

Here is a good post by Charles Liu on User Research. The fact that you shouldn’t ask “what you want” in users’ interviews is a well-known fact since Henry Ford (also if he might have never mentioned faster horses). This article contains some good suggestion about how to approach the challenge.

Never Ask What They Want — 3 Better Questions to Ask in User Interviews

Still about asking questions, often the success of any project (development or otherwise) can depend on asking the right kind of questions and this advice on asking open-ended questions is good.

There’s always good stuff coming from DLD. I liked this piece by Scott Galloway about Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google Who Wins/Loses (I would have given him 10 more minutes).

At M/V we are very focused on techniques that flow from the business impact of technology so this article by Barry O’Reilly of Thoughtworks on Hypothesis Driven Development is right up our street.

Finally, this article by First Round’s partner Rob Hayes, contains some very good advice for first time founders.