Introducing M/V (part two)

Introducing M/V (part two)

“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.” ― James A. Michener

I’m happy to be co-announcing Mower/Valdemarin, the latest incarnation of Paolo and my quest to conquer the world. We’ve been friends and collaborators for over 12 years.

I marvel at this, especially in the light of how unlikely it was that we should ever meet at all. It has been the most productive, interesting, and pleasurable collaboration of my life and so I’m happy that we’re taking this next step.

We chose the name Mower/Valdemarin for a number of reasons but foremost because want to keep things simple. What we are offering is our experience, the skills we’ve developed, and the tools we have (and will) build. All directed to the aim of helping clients make a more effective use of technology in solving their most important problems.

Since I love quotations I leave you with one that I hope we will embody at M/V

“If you want to teach a man something,
don’t try to teach him.
Instead give him a tool which
will give him new ways of thinking.”
– Buckminster Fuller