Introducing M/V

Introducing M/V

And here it is: yet another variation of the Mower/Valdemarin partnership.

12 years after meeting in the early blogging days, after several collaborations and many different companies, this time we have decided to keep it simple and just use our names. After all, it’s only our reputation on the line.

At Blogtalk in Vienna, 2003. Photo  by David Weinberger.

At Blogtalk in Vienna, 2003. Photo by David Weinberger.

Mower/Valdemarin is first of all a consulting firm. We want to help others avoiding making the same mistakes that we have already lived in more than 40 years working on web technologies and design.

We believe that the key to a successful partnership with our clients is trust, and trust can only be based on transparency. This is why we are actively working to select (or, in some cases, to build) an ideal toolset which will allow us to collaborate based on free and transparent flows of information and to establish solid and stable relationships with our clients and our partners.

We can help any organisation trying to deal with online technology: from the startup deciding how to build their new revolutionary product to the medium enterprise trying to find a way to extend their business online; from the big company looking for an innovative approach to the digital world to the NGO developing their social networking activities.

It’s an exciting new world, we are looking forward to starting to make a little difference.